komodo dragon day trip from bali

Wanna Try Private Trip to Komodo Island? Komodo Island day tours from Bali Package is The Best!

Do you want to try to vacation on Komodo Island but only have 1 day? It sounds rather difficult huh, because indeed on the island of Komodo many promising and beautiful spots must be visited. But how can it be done enough in nature for a day? And you also have to think about transportation issues from Bali, is the time possible to travel back and forth from Bali to Komodo Island on the same day?
Do not worry, it turns out the site https://www.komodowisata.com provides a vacation package that is perfect for you on the Komodo Island day tours from Bali package.

Private trip

komodo dragon day trip from bali

Komodo Island day tours from Bali package is a private trip. As the name implies, private trips are more personal. You will travel only with designated groups of people with the help of a Travel Agent. For your destination and departure date, you will be determined and the travel agent will try to accommodate all your needs. With such facilities and facilities, private trips are more expensive compared to Open Trip packages. Besides, we also have to make sure how many participants are certain to take a trip to get the cheapest package possible. Excitement can be created by anyone, not on the number of people who travel.

Beautiful and interesting spots

This Komodo Island day tours from Bali package surely offers beautiful places of Komodo Island, such as :
Komodo island
Komodo Island is now one of the world’s wonders that you can’t miss.
When trekking in the Komodo National Park you should still follow the instructions of the ranger guides to be more careful and be able to observe the Komodo dragon from a close distance.

Pink Beach

The pink color on the Pink Beach of Komodo Island is caused by white sand and red shells mixtured. The red shells are pretty much on the pink beach of Komodo Island so that the pieces form pink on this beach.

Padar Island

The third-largest island after Komodo Island and sumba island tours does have an outstanding charm. The hill on Padar Island is the most special point of view to see a complete landscape that offers beautiful natural paintings a blend of blue sky and a solid island standing between the waves of the sea.

To do this Komodo Island day tours from Bali trip you need to travel from Bali to Komodo Island, which requires you to arrive in the morning. This is to ensure you can enjoy a long trip to tourist attractions. After that, you also need to get ready to return to Bali in the evening. In this case, it is recommended to use the air route, so you do not need to spend a long time on the trip. For more complete you can directly open the website https://www.komodowisata.com and book Komodo Island day tours from Bali package!